lördag 25 maj 2013

latest pencils..

some concepts, some photo studies, and some life studies of a wooden mannikin I got at home..

torsdag 9 maj 2013

Digital Anatomy studies...

some Digital anatomy studies + progress, from first sketch, cleaned(cleaner atleast) lines, too values.. atleast in first study

Concept + DOTA 2 Fan-art WIPS - Digital

Here is some concepts, + some DOTA 2 (Pudge and Undying) fan-art that I started ages ago but never got around finishing, might pick it up again sometime...

Digital speedpaintings

some Digital speedpaintings from maybe 2 months ago

Between 10-30 minutes each for black and white ones, first one maybe 45 minutes though

tisdag 7 maj 2013

Photo studies, + caricature(ish) - Pencils

Some Photo studies, The portrait of the man was done using a photo reference but is kind of a caricature.. spent some time on these I think, probably shows in the quality compared to most of the stuff I do :P,

Pencils - concepts, stuff

some concepts, and some drawings from class, kinda crap but It was done "undercover" :P and quick... people move too much.....
Text was supposed to be first, ahh fuckit...

some 2 minute gesture/figure studies + some concepts - Pencils

Mostly face studies + some own faces - Pencils

some face studies from photos, some own made up faces, trying some graphitint (colored graphite)

the small guy done in Ink was supposed to be a warm up, I did the front view of that guy a while ago and now I just redrew it and was going to draw him in lots of awesome poses, but.... that didn't really happen :P, some other time maybe..

Pencils - Concepts - Aliens

some alien(ish) concepts... need to draw the whole body on one of these creatures, aliens, etc, one day, instead of just doing a sideview of the upperbody :P....

Pencils, studies, exagaratting

some pencil studies, some of them I  exagarated (however that is spelled...) the proportions.. Hopefully you can see which ones...